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Tumbler pricing is for commercial retail & business locations only.
Feel free to contact me about individual orders.
Design Fee may apply, depending upon request.

Small Quantity
Tumbler purchases

1 or 2 Tumblers at $25 ea.
3 or 4 Tumblers at $20 ea.

Bulk Quantity Pricing

(You can buy 12 for less money, than you can buy 10)
You can Mix n Match designs for more variety in your display

Custom ideas built to order – $50.00 per hour
(Including (1) courtesy design adjustment)

Includes Lid, Straw & Rubber Bottom

Quantity 5 - 10

$15 ea

Long Lasting Exterior (10 Year)

Quantity 11 - 100

$12 ea

Rugged Stainless Steel

Quantity 101 - 199

$10 ea

Extend Your Business Branding

Quantity 200 - 500

$9 ea

These are FUN!
View the terrific images available here,
or they can be customized with images of your choice.

Show Off Your Fun Side

by picking an image from the galleries.


  • Sublimation Tumblers with Splash-Proof lids, Straws & Brush, Rubber Bottoms, Gift box,
  • 20 oz Double Thin Wall,
  • Stainless Steel Insulated, to keep drinks cold or warm even longer
  • Ideal for the daily commute, office and home.


Also Available:

Mouse Pads,
Ball Caps,

Coffee Cups,
Thick Aluminum Business Cards.

What is Sublimation?

Sublimation is a creative process that allows special ink to infuse directly into sublimation treated types of items
after those items are heated to approximately 400° Fahrenheit.
This high heat bypasses the printing stage of ink transfer & moves directly to infusing the product
which is a direct bond, rather than printed on top of the product.

Polyester shirts & fabric, Tumblers, Coffee Cups, Mouse pads, Key Rings, Business Cards, etc.
It requires high heat & polyester or a sublimated surface for the ink to infuse with.
The high heat turns the ink into a gas, bypassing the liquid stage & “infusing” the ink directly onto the surface.
The advantage is that this will never chip or peel off, like some stickers or paint finishes might do.