Rally people are passionate about their cause. Sometimes they show it with interesting costumes.
Some of the vehicles that attended the rally.
I started my photo career with pet photography. I took this opportunity to photograph some dogs at the event.
Rally people are passionate about their cause. Show show by waving the flag of their choice.
Comradery is a spirit of friendship and community between two people or a group of people. Camaraderie is the more popular spelling, but comradery is an acceptable alternate.
Interesting people from all walks of life, feel strongly about their 2nd amendment rights.
A good sign expresses a message in just a few words.
RFOR  -  Rally For Our Rights
( Click above to visit Rally For Our Rights. )

A photo gallery of the Rally For Our Rights members,

supporting our 2nd amendment in Loveland Colorado on February 29, 2020.
It was an honor for me, to capture the enthusiasm, passion & concern

for keeping the 2nd amendment alive.

Remember, The 2nd amendment is what keeps our other amendments within the hands of US citizens.

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