Promote Your Business Using the Proven Techniques of Real Estate:

The real estate industry has mastered the ability to sell, visually.
(Imagine buying a home without seeing it first)

1) Drone Video & Photographs – Promotes Prestige
2) Virtual Tours                           – Self Guided
3) Pro Level Still Photography  – Quality Images

Drone Video

Virtual Tours

Pro Level Photos

Drone Photography Rates:
(Video & High Altitude Photos)

Per Hour$200
Half Day$500
Full Day$800

$100.00 for 1st panorama
$75.00 for each additional panorama.

(Price includes being posted onto your Google business page, with no annual renewal fees)
Optional –  Custom & superior virtual tour to be shown directly on your business website = $100.00

These are placed onto Google, with no renewal fee.
1st panorama = $100.00
2nd & additional panoramas = $75.00 each

$200.00 per hour

When your business photos look amazing, then you look amazing.
I shoot with tripod for stability & Focus, Flash lighting when necessary.
Includes full editing & resizing for quick loading online.

As humans, we love looking at images.
Our brains prefer to perceive the world visually & we crave constant visual input.

Package Discount Available
Drone, Virtual Tour & Pro Level Photography     –      $300.00 (+ price of panoramas)

Mileage Charges apply when traveling more than 20 miles outside of zip code 80525:
I use the standard rate for deductible costs of operating an automobile for business at 62.5 cents per mile in 2023, as allowed by the IRS.