Northern Colorado Photography

Personal Mission Statement: To Seek, Find, Capture & Share the Beauty in Life.

Business Mission Statement: Learn & Listen, to Develop, Create & Deliver Superior Visuals.

Who am I?

Hello. My name is Mark.
I have been interested in cameras & photography since my youth when I got to use a Kodak Polaroid camera with special film, which would develop the film at home without any special processing.
I am a lifelong observer of the life around me and I love to learn.
A day without learning is a day without living.
As an adult, my camera was the perfect traveling companion. This allowed me to share my adventures so much better than I could with words alone. So far, I have traveled to 43 of the lower 48 states and have seen many fascinating places & things.
This has led me to learn how to create websites, to showcase my photography, along with many different software packages to develop my images to their full potential.
It has been a fascinating adventure & one that has not been completed yet.

It's your choice - choose wisely.

For the last 31 years, I have been taking pictures on a personal level & have been working part-time as a professional for the last 11 years, when I became certified by Google as a Trusted Independent Photographer or TIP. My role as a TIP is to extend Google Street-View inside retail establishments with panoramic virtual tours. As of today, June 12th, 2022, I am a level 8 Local Guide and Google has credited me with 40,769,965 views of my images.

My philosophy in photography as a business is FIRST to listen and learn.
(Sadly, this is a skill that is not universally adopted by many fellow photographers)
Then my goal is to make you, your business or your listing look good.

Use your imagination & think about what we can do together.
As you visit this website, I hope you will find the work to be superior & worthy of your consideration.
I hope to earn your business & exceed your expectations.

FAA Licensed Drone Pilot

Insured for $1,000,000

Superior Equipment for Superior Results

Software Proficiency

I have a high degree of experience in a number of different software packages
used to create images from still shots to panoramas to video production.

  • Photoshop
  • Capture One
  • Aurora HDR
  • Dx0 Pure RAW
  • Topaz Sharpen AI
  • Portrait Pro 21
  • PT GUI
  • Pano2VR
  • DaVinci Resolve

The Future of Photography

Someday – cell phones will put photographers out of business.That day is not here yet because cell phones cannot adjust F-Stop, Aperature or ISO

Cell Phone Images: The DOF or Depth of Field is very shallow and cannot be adjusted. This means the focus point is limited to a very small point in the image.
If you take a picture of your evening dinner, the front of the plate will be in different focus than the rear of the plate.

Cell Phone Images: The images cannot be enlarged and printed.

Our Communication

Being a photographer means that I know how to use the buttons on the camera, but it does not give me a magical way to read your mind & deliver the images you are looking for.
I want you to have a vague concept of what you want. When we get together, you share your ideas so that I can determine if I am the right photographer for you & if you are the right client for me.

Please help me by being ready for the following question:
What are your ideas & what to you want out of this session?

My Expectations

It is only fair…

I will let you know how long you will wait before you can expect to see your work, created by me. If not delivered on time, you will be entitled to a pro-rated discount, based on the length of the delay.

When I close a time block AFTER we agree and schedule a photo session, I either shoot or charge my clients if they are not ready. (Mileage & Time)
When I hear: “Ohhh F**k – I didn’t know you were coming today!” – it will cost the client money.