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Automotive dirt track racing is a thrilling and dynamic form of motorsport that takes place on oval-shaped tracks covered in dirt or clay.

  1. Sound: The roaring engines of powerful race cars create a symphony of high-pitched revs and deep rumbles. The exhaust notes echo through the air, intensifying as the cars speed around the track. The soundscape is punctuated by the occasional screech of tires on the loose dirt.
  2. Vibrations: The vibrations from the engines and the movement of the cars can be felt in the air and through the ground. The rumble of the engines resonates through the spectator stands, creating an immersive sensory experience.
  3. Smell: The distinct aroma of burning fuel, hot engines, and kicked-up dirt permeates the air. The scent of motor oil and the occasional whiff of burnt rubber add layers to the olfactory experience.
  4. Temperature and Wind: As the cars zoom by, they create gusts of wind that can be felt on the skin. The temperature rises from the heat generated by the engines, and the air is often filled with the sensation of fine particles of dirt carried by the wind.
  5. Announcements and Commentary: The race action is narrated by energetic and passionate announcers over loudspeakers. Their commentary helps paint a vivid picture of the race, conveying the excitement, strategy, and pivotal moments.
  6. Crowd Reaction: The cheers and roars of the crowd provide a constant backdrop. The crowd’s energy intensifies during key moments – a daring pass, a close battle, or a dramatic finish – adding to the overall emotional experience.

I-76 Speedway Track Info

A 1/4 mile high-banked dirt oval race track located on the west side of Fort Morgan, Colorado. 
Summer Season Racing is held April thru October.

During the Summer Series, 4-6 Divisions compete every other Saturday night.

Sport Modified
Hobby Stock
Stock Cars
Sport Compact


Rocky Mountain Lightning Sprints
Rocky Mountain Dwarf Car Association
270 Micro Sprints
Rocky Mountain Midget Racing 305 Sprints
Colorado Vintage Racers  (see schedule)
​The Winter Series features the 100 Lap Enduros
and are held once a month starting in November.  All divisions are welcome.

Grandstand Admission:
Adults – $10 Youth (6 yrs – 12 yrs) – $4 5 yrs & under FREE
Pit Passes: Adult $30 Youth $ 3-13    15.00
I-76  to Exit 79, go 1/2 mile South to CR S then go 1 mile W

Contact Information:

Phone 970-867-2101
Owner and Address:
Butch Speicher
I-76 Speedway
16359 County Road S
Fort Morgan, CO 80701

IMCA – International Motor Contest Association


Classes of cars sectioned by the IMCA

  • IMCA Modified – Modified race cars with open wheels in the front and closed wheels in the back
  • IMCA Latemodel – full-bodied late model race cars
  • IMCA RaceSaver Sprint Car – traditional 305 non-winged and winged sprint cars
  • IMCA Stock Car – full-bodied production stock cars
  • IMCA Hobby Stock – 8-cylinder rear wheel drive entry-level division
  • IMCA Northern Sport Modified – same as modifieds but with smaller engines and more restrictive rules
  • IMCA Southern Sport Modified – Similar to Modified but with full GM Metric Frame
  • IMCA Sport Compact – 4-cylinder front wheel drive stock cars