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Northern Colorado Photography provides high quality images to business owners for both visual marketing & visual merchandising.
Visual marketing
is the discipline studying the relationship between an object, the context it is placed in and its relevant image.
Visual merchandising attracts, engages, and motivates the customer towards making a purchase.

As a key component of modern marketing, visual marketing focuses on studying and analyzing how images can be used to make objects the center of visual communication.  Marketing gets customers in the door. Once inside, merchandising takes over—affecting placement of products, signage, display materials, ambiance and employee staffing.

Harnessing the power of images and visuals can make a marketing plan more powerful and more memorable. Images — when done deftly – can turn concepts and intangible things into something more concrete influencing the perception of the intended viewer. That helps people envision a brand and its message in their mind’s eye — and remember it when it comes time to buy.

Visual marketing can be a part of every aspect of the Communication Mix. Marketing persuades consumer’s buying behavior and Visual Marketing enhances that by factors of recall, memory and identity.

The spike in traffic to social media websites is in part due to image content.
People will always be visually oriented, thus persuaded to purchase in large part by the images they see.

We have worked with Mark on both panorama imagery of our office for a Google virtual tour and for a new hero image for our website.
Mark was incredibly professional, punctual, and easy to work with.
He really goes the extra mile to ensure his clients are satisfied with the end product.
We would highly recommend Mark and Northern Colorado Photography for any of your photography needs.

– Kappner C., Atlas Real Estate Group